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500GPM HDD mud recycling system for Indian contractor

HDD mud recycling system is the special drilling fluid solids control for horizontal directional drilling. We call HDD as no dig or trenchless. During the drilling, the mud system will recycle useful fluid for continuous circulation.

This HDD mud system including shale shaker, desander, and desilter. It's integrated system of 1st phase, 2nd phase, an 3rd phase solids control equipment. Feeding pump for hydrocyclones are mechanical sealed horizontal ones. They are set below tank right nearby the settling tank. Such design save much space and leave more effective volume.

HDD mud recycling system for Indian contractor
500GPM mud recycling system can be used to process drilling fluid for 450T HDD rig. Tank was designed as 9000x2200x1800mm overall. To provide heavy duty and durable quality, the skid was made of 250# H beam steel. Tank wall sheet is 1.5mm thicks 6mm.

Shale shaker in this mud recycling system is the 4-panel linear motion one. It's high efficiency with easy maintenance. Screen panels are composite framed screen. Mud cleaner combined with 1 desander cone and 8 desilter cones. For better drilling fluid property, one APMA 7.5 mud agitator is set over cleaning mud compartment.
500GPM HDD solids control
This HDD mud recycling system is for Indian contractor operate Vermeer rig. Client is very happy with our design and cost-effective price. They will appoint their agent to be here for FCA. Then it will be shipped soon. Against this system run successfully, client is gonna place order for another Vermeer rig.

If you are interested in same mud system please contact Aipu solids freely. Or for other solids control system? No problem! Call us today.

HDD mud recycling system