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Poor boy, gas flame, mud agitators delivery

Poor boy degasser, and gas flame are hot sales products at Aipu solids. This poor boy degasser and flare ignitor are for CNPC drilling team. The poor boy is APMGS1400 the super degasser with capacity up to 420m³/h. It is fabricated per specific pressure vessel standard. Degasser all thickness is 14mm.

Furthermore, the solar power gas flame is delivered together with the poor boy degasser. Solar panel flare ignition is our mature product and very popular since its environmental-friendly design. Solar panel will get power and charge the battery in the gas flame control cabinet.

Poor boy degasser delivery

This client is our regular customer. They have ordered 5 sets such degasser and flame. High volume and efficiency, cost-effective price, professional service and high quality products make our user rather satisfied. Aipu is proud of clients' appreciation.

Another lot product is mud agitators. These mud agitators will be delivered to UAE. Horizontal helical worm and wheel geared motor. For this project we corresponded a bout 1 month. After confirmation on all technique requirement and condition terms, our client selected us among over 10 suppliers
Mud agitators delivery

They found our successful cases in Middle East region. They appreciate our professional proposal. This is their trial order. In near future, they will place order on more mud agitator and other equipment for their existing solids control system.

Please find picture for more reference. If you need further information just call us freely

Poor boy degasser