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Oil drilling solids control system under manufacture

Oil drilling solids control system under manufacture is for our regular client. They have placed 6 orders to us. This is the 3rd system they ordered. This solids control system is used to process drilling mud for ZJ 50 oil rig in Russia. End user is rather happy with all of our products so long time

Solids control system for this rig is a simple configuration as they have a lower budget. There are totally 6 tanks. Including active tank, the reserve tank, the mixing tank. Also the complete line equipment from shale shaker to the centrifuge decanter.

Oil drilling solids control desander

The shale shaker is double decked with 8 panels screen, the desander and desilter are stand separately. We know such proposal is economical. The centrifuge is middle speed one it is made of high quality S.S 304. Centrifugal pumps are completely interchangeable with Magnum pump. The motor and gear box are all from famous brand in China. All these issues are assurance of our product quality and performance.

Although client has lower budget, we provide professional quality products with no doubt.​Such as the mud tanks, the profiles are from Baogang steel thicks 6mm. Tank bottom is 8mm welded on national standard H beam, square tube. Cater for clients' time frame, the system will be finished in 5 weeks from now on.
Oil drilling solids control tanks

Pleased to say, we've set up the mud tanks in only 5 days and some equipment have been fabricated with main structure. Kindly find some picture as reference.

Besides this system, our end user will be gonna order another oil drilling solids control system for ZJ70 in the future. They are now starting negotiation with rig manufacturers. We are confident the system will be delivered to user in time. And we always treat clients' satisfaction as our pursuit and proudness.
Oil drilling solids control system under manufacture
If you would like to know more detail, please contact us freely.

Oil drilling solids control system