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APMA7.5 Mud agitators delivery for regular clients

Mud agitator at Aipu are APMA series. There are helical warm and wheel geared, also the helical bevel geared ones. This lot of APMA11 mud agitators are over 10 sets for a regular client. Repeat orders are from clients' confidence and trust on Aipu product

Horizontal mud agitators are more commonly used in oil drilling mud system. The vertical ones will be mounted on tank when the lateral space is quite limited.

Mud agitator

At Aipu solids control, the popular agitators including 7.5KW, 11KW, 15KW. 5.5KW and 22KW are rarely used in special process or tank. Usually, there should be one set agitator per 3 meters. These agitators are used to replace existing agitators on mud tank. 

Considering their tank size and present working condition, we supply APMA11 agitator to them. In only 10 days, the agitators were finished with high quality and beautiful appearance. Aipu is considering to change equipment color gradually. For better surface, for better satisfy clients' preference
APMA11 Mud agitators delivery for regular clients
Aipu mud agitators have been delivered to many countries. Such as Australia, Indonesia, India, Singapore, USA, Malaysia, Russia, Kazakhstan, and so on. Every year, we'll deliver over 300 sets agitators all over the world.

Please find picture for your reference. If you need further information just come to us freely!
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