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Replacement corrugated shaker screen for D600

Replacement corrugated shaker screen including many different types. Such as D600, 500, 48X30, and so on. The screens we produce are the right fit replacement but not original or genuine ones. We have to emphasize again, Derrick, PWP, PMD, FLC500, FLC2000, etc. marks or the brand name are reserved by Derrick Corporation LLC.

Aipu corrugated shaker screen panels are very popular with many clients all over the world. The excellent appearance, long lasting service life, and high filtration efficiency lead constant regular orders. 

Replacement corrugated shaker screen for D600

The popular size ranged from API 40 to API 270. We utilize high quality S.S304L to S.S316L wire mesh cloth. Per different clients' budget we'll provide the screen with super fine wire. Difference is the conductance and filtration performance

High quality shaker screen will definitely lead high performance of shale shaker. Aipu shaker screen is not the lowest price, not the highest price, we have the right balance between quality and cost. So we always get repeat orders from regular clients

Many potential clients don't wish place order as a try since they like screens at lower price. They always think there is no screen at lowest but always a lower one
Corrugated shaker screens delivery

Please do trust price is not the only issue reflecting quality, it is really an important issue telling you quality request reasonable cost

Every year we delivered about 30000 panels screen, such sales volume tell you Aipu shaker screen quality. Please feel free to contact us.

Replacement corrugated shaker screen