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Centrifugal pumps delivered to oilfield overseas

Centrifugal pumps delivered were manufactured for an oilfield service company overseas. Horizontal sand pumps are rather popular in drilling fluid system. We know the pumps will transfer drilling mud from tank to desander and desilter. In the whole solids control system, there are pumps for different use. The feeding pump, the mixing pump, the trip pump, and so on

The pumps delivered are driven by 100HP explosion proof motor. Flow rate is up to 300m³/h. Client selected us since short lead time and the quality performance of previous equipment. 

Centrifugal pumps

These pumps will be used to feed drilling fluid to hydrocyclone separator, the mixing hopper, and the spare pumps for certain pump. Considering present working condition, we designed simple structure base for this lot pump. We know, for mud cleaner, the feed pump should be fed by separated pump. That means, desander cones request one set pump, desilter cones request another set pump

Please pay attention on the pump flow rate. If should be exactly sufficient for cones flow rate. If the power supply permit, kindly suggest up to 125% of cones flow rate
Solids control pump

Pumps delivered this time were painted orange painting oil. Cater for many clients' suggestion and preference, Aipu equipment will be changed to orange color gradually.

If you need further information or have any question please fee free to contact us. From now on until to Dec.31 if you place order you will enjoy special discount on all items

Centrifugal pumps