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Solids control system for ZJ50 rig is to be delivered

Solids control system for ZJ50 oil rig including 6 modules. Including the active tank, mixing tank, reserve tank and so on. From shale shaker to the decanting centrifuge. Also the auxiliary equipment including mud gun, mud agitator, and centrifugal pumps.

Solids control system for ZJ50

Per agreement with user we need to finish the system in 6 weeks. However, they have revised plan since drilling project coming earlier. So totally, from manufacture till to delivery it takes only 5 weeks. Our customer is very pleased for our efficiency, and strong support.

Please find some images for your reference. Furthermore, we're pleased to share more good news. There is another set mud system under manufacture. This system will be finished in 3 weeks. Please find some pictures as reference. If you wish know more details please contact us or watch video on Youtube by searching "Aipu solids control"
ZJ50 rig drilling mud system

Aipu is not only the manufacturer. We are the true solutions provider. We treat clients' demand and requirement seriously. Do all we can do cater for customers' concern on product quality, equipment performance, operation convenience, short lead time. So, you select Aipu solids is correct and ideal decision

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Solids control system for ZJ50