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Aipu Centrifugal pump interchangeable with famous brand

Centrifugal pump of Aipu solids control are all mechanical sealed. Aipu pumps appreciated by customers since great durability and performance. 

Aipu centrifugal pump available

Centrifugal pumps of Aipu solids control including the horizontal and vertical type. For pumps used in drilling mud process, the horizontal type is more popular. Horizontal centrifugal pump is called as "sand pump" to transfer drilling fluid for desander, desilter, other mud equipment

Aipu pumps sized from 3x2 to 8x6. Driven by motors from 10hp to 100hp. Users can select proper pump according to certain working condition and capacity request. Or we will recommend proper pump for operation.
Centrifugal pump

In drilling mud system, there are charging pump, trip pump, feeding pump, mixing pump, shearing pump,and so on. Different use at different process request different pump. All pumps are suggested to be used specifically. For example, Desander pump and desilter pump can't be one same pump. But, each pump for each hydrocyclone separator.

Aipu pumps feature

Mechanical sealed pump. Flexible design on appearance, mounting skid, and so on. For horizontal centrifugal pump, there are 2 different types. One is interchangeable with Mission Magnum pump, another is the 250 series interchangeable pump. No matter which type, the pumps are high quality with stable performance and reliable quality.

Pumps are at rather competitive price. If you have demand, usually, the pumps will be finished in 2 week. If good luck, there will be pumps in stock. As per clients' demand, the pumps can be configured as horizontal or lateral. And they can be driven by electric motor, or hydraulic motor, even the engine. 

Other pumps at Aipu solids control

Complete line solids control equipment are available at Aipu solids control. Besides centrifugal pumps, there are also slurry pump, screw pump. All pumps in drilling mud system are operated as transfer pump. From mud tank to equipment, from one compartment to another, from mud tank to well head, and so on

The pumps working way provide pressure, and velocity for whole mud system. Pumps make whole system active and running. They are important for solids control system.

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