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Oil drilling mud gas separator for sale

Mud gas separator is the poor boy degasser. It will be set ahead of shale shakers. In drilling mud system, the degasser is usually vertical type. Aipu solids control provide popular ones including APMGS800, APMGS1000, and APMGS1200. That means vessel diameter are different models

Aipu solids control produce high quality mud gas separator, vacuum degasser. They are both safe equipment to get rid of invaded gas among drilling fluids. During oil well drilling, to prevent blow out the harmful gas should be separated out timely.

Oil drilling mud gas separator for sale

When the pressure is rather high with large quantity big bubbles, the poor boy should be operated at once. Compared with vacuum degasser, the mud gas separator is more proper for large quantity gases.

For mud gas separator, the material is rather important. Harmful gas including H2S is corrosive and poisonous. So Aipu produces poor boy with Q345R (HIC) plate. Such degasser are resistant to H2S compatable for such corrosive gas.

Oil drilling mud gas separator for sale in Aipu. You'll get high quality degasser at rather competitive price. Last year we produced over 10 sets of poor boy degasser. All clients are happy with our products. From the appearance to quality, from the efficiency to durability.

Please contact us freely, if you do have demand or any interest.

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