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Solids control spare parts of Aipu

Solids control spare parts are the wearing parts of main solids control equipment. Including shaker screen for shale shaker, hydrocyclone for mud cleaner, bearings for mud agitator, and so on

Spare parts list

Spare parts list the reference of necessary or popular parts on solids control equipment. Every equipment will hold wearing parts. Wearing parts are usually listed on user manual or instruction manual. Such list will help clients aware more detail on equipment cost and maintenance tips

What are the popular parts for solids control? The shale shaker screen, springs, wedge block, tensioning tools, even vibrator motor, and so on. Some spare parts will not be listed, as they are durable enough. Even some components can be used up to over 2 year.
Solids control spare parts of Aipu
No matter how, all listed spare parts are kindly suggested replaced according to user manual or maintenance instruction

Solids control spare parts at Aipu solids control

Aipu is a professional manufacturer on solids control equipment and system. Products are widely used in oil and gas drilling, HDD project, oil sludge treatment, waste management, and so on.  Aipu supply high quality complete line spare parts for such equipment.

We promise the high quality solids control spare part at economical cost. Besides shale shaker parts, there are hot parts for mud cleaner, decanter centrifuge, centrifugal pump, mud agitator, degasser, and so on.

Why select Aipu spare parts?

Aipu spare parts are with reliability and durability. No matter for original equipment or for other makes equipment. Raw materials are reliable and durable enough from famous brand. Even for other brand equipment, you'll find interchangeable parts at Aipu

Moreover, there are thousands of spare parts in stock at Aipu solids control. The popular items will be delivered very soon against your request. Such as hydrocyclones, bearing, mechanical seal, oil seal, tensioning bolts, and so on.

For spare parts, the universality is rather important. Price, general cost, rate between cost and efficiency are issues to consider as well. You will be promised with high quality, short delivery and professional service.

Solids control spare parts