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Petroleum drilling fluid gas separator

Drilling fluid gas separator for petroleum drilling is the safety equipment to prevent blowout. It is also called poor boy degasser or mud gas separator. Set ahead of shale shaker at drilling site

Drilling fluid gas separator

Some users refer fluid gas separator as liquid gas separator. Usually we set the fluid gas separator as vertical type. Little clients request horizontal one. Vertical poor boy degasser there will be lay-on legs for convenient operation and handling

On mud gas separator, there are fluid input line, discharge line, gas vent line, manhole, pressure gauge, as well as the relief valve. Based on different diameter, the degasser will provide different flow rate and gas separation efficiency.

Petroleum drilling liquid gas separator should be used together with the flare ignition device. Gas vent line connected with degasser and ignitor with at least 60m length. Thus we'll enjoy a safe drilling site
drilling fluid gas separator

Aipu degasser features

Users can select vertical or horizontal type poor boy degasser. The legs can be designed as elevating type. Internal blade/buffer plate can be changed to buffer hopper as per clients' preference. Mud legs long 5ft at least, that means Aipu APMGS mud gas separator holding better seal.

One essential feature, Aipu gas separator is made of high quality steel material to resist H2S toxic gas. They are more reliable and durable. Without special requirements, we'll produce all liquid gas separator with 16MnR material.

Furthermore, Aipu welcome custom designed requirements. Please tell us the capacity you need. Lateral or vertical type you prefer. Flare ignitor is inclusive or not, and vent line length you request.
Poor boy degasser

drilling fluid gas separator