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Different design on shale shakers

Shale shakers of manufacturers differ from each other. There are so many different design on shale shakers. Even for one company they will have many types of shaker.

Different design of shaker

Shale shakers design including vibration mode, shaker screen deck, screen number, screen area, screen clamping system, tandem or not, vibrator motor power, and so on. From decades ago until now, we found different shaker design reflects different demand and technology.

Furthermore, the appearance or surface is another feature of shaker design. Most solids control manufacturer holding their own design with superiority. All design based on practical, reliable, and easy operation for users. From handling, operation, maintenance, spare parts, to whole cost
shale shakers

No matter which design, the final goal is clients' satisfaction and save cost for user

Aipu shale shakers desgin

Linear motion and the BEM shaker are both available at Aipu. Up to clients' demand, we also produce the dual motion shaker. It's similar as Mongoose PT dual motion one. Easy operation, convenient to switch either mode. Less spare parts with durable composite screen

Besides Hunter-MG shaker, the Hunter-D shaker is the typical design with hook strip screen. 2~4 panels screen design are available as well. Screens are interchangeable with 48x30 series shaker screen. Easy to change and replace. All Shakers bed can be double or single, the shakers can be dual tandem or triple tandem for different clients' requirements
shale shakers design

Appearance of Aipu shale shaker are usually red ones. However, we provide custom built service as well. And we are proud to serve clients satisfied.

How do you like to design your shaker?

After reading above text, do you have any comment? Please inform us how do you prefer to configuring shaker? From vibration mode to shaker surface, please contact us freely. Aipu will do the best to satisfy you.

shale shakers