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Decanter centrifuges used in well drilling mud system

Decanter centrifuges are popular equipment to process drilling mud with fine solids. It is set after desilter or mud cleaner.

Decanter centrifuges information 

We call it as 5th purification equipment since shale shaker, degasser, desander and desilter are set ahead of it. Per drilling condition and depth, in one system there is middle speed centrifuge or high speed centrifuge. According to users' preference, there are fixed speed or variable frequency centrifuge

Decanter centrifuges get rid of 2~7 microns solid. Speed is from 1800~3400RPM. Flow rate of centrifuge is from 30~60m³/h. Different design and size will lead different performance. Centrifuges can be fed by screw pump and the submersible slurry pump. Both are compact and suitable for centrifuge fluid transfer.
Decanter centrifuges

Aipu decanting centrifuge features

To give client and user more confidence, we'd like to emphasize our features here. All the centrifuges material is high quality S.S. At least it is S.S304. Per users' budget and preference, they can be S.S304L, 316, 316L, 2205 Duplex. And the screw conveyors blade will be treated by tungsten carbide. Including coating, welding, embedding usually

High quality and cost-efficiency are appreciated by customers long time. No complaint, no bad feedback. Repeat order and clients' satisfaction is the best proof of Aipu centrifuge quality
Decanter centrifuge in well drilling mud system

For centrifuge control panel and electrical parts, the ATEX, IECEX, UL, etc. are available upon your demand. The difference is on cost and delivery time. If you need custom built service, we are happy to serve as well. Please come to us for more information

How to use decanter centrifuges?

For almost users, they know how to operate centrifuges. They have worked in oil and gas industry many many years. Or they have much experience on solids control. So, we just talk little here.

Centrifuge is not suggested use in series. However, there are middle speed and high speed ones. That's a different case. BTW, for deep drilling, we use centrifuges in a tandem or parallel. When we operate centrifuge face any problem we'd better toward to manufacturer or supplier. Also the complete understanding on user manual or instruction is rather necessary

Please come to Aipu for more detail

Decanter centrifuges