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Oil sludge treatment plant and equipment

Oil sludge treatment plant including necessary equipment to process drilling waste or crude oil sludge. The popular equipment are shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, screw conveyor, some reaction tank, collection tank, pumps, and so on
Oil sludge treatment

Some simple plant including the double decked vibrating sieve, cuttings dryer, the decanter centrifuge, and screw conveyor. Some big plant in a specially constructed yard will be with full set of equipment and unit. From steam source, then oil lagoon, waste oil pump, to waste oil collection tank, heat exchanger, prefilter, circulation pump, water and flocculant unit, the preparation of chemicals, flocculant pump, dilution water, steam injection. Then another modular including the three phase centrifuge under VFD control, the waste water collection tank, the waste water treatment plant, the solids auger feeder, the clean oil collection tank.
Oil sludge treatment plant and equipment

A complete professional solution on oil sludge treatment will definitely save much cost. The recycled oil is valuable product thus we created value, separated solids decrease much transportation cost, cut down the oil sludge treatment cost dramatically.

Aipu is professional manufacturer on oil sludge treatment. Including the shale shaker, the cuttings dryer, the auger feeders, the centrifuge decanter. Please come to us if you need oil sludge treatment. 

oil sludge treatment