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Desander separator delivered to job site overseas

Desander separator delivered this time are for overseas oil well drilling mud process. Pleased to share the good news with you. We competed with over 10 suppliers on this project, as it was a tender. Besides desander, there are centrifugal pump for feeding hdyrocyclone. Pumps are equipped with explosion proof motor and control panels.

Desander separator

Desander separators configuration is as below

1. Three 10" hydrocyclone. With about 1500GPM flow rate
2. No bottom shaker. Request no screen replacement, no motor maintenance.
3. Discharge chute right below cones. With a discharge pipe connection port.

Oilfield desander features

1. High quality polyurethane hydrocyclones
2. Get rid of particles sized around 47-76 microns
3. Heavy duty steel frame structure
4. Sufficient flow rate up to about 1500GPM
5. Working pressure is 0.25~0.4Mpa
6. Compact design request less space
7. Easy to handle and lift with special lift ring
8. Few maintenance and spare parts requested

Why clients selected Aipu solids?

We provided clients sufficient technical information and data sheet. As it is a tender, we gave them our full support from beginning to the end. The high commitment technical documents and our price, the delivery time are all the issues attracting customer
Desander separators delivery

They appreciate our swift response, our professional suggestion, our good price, and the lead time. Aipu is pleased to make customer happy. End user satisfaction is what we pursue.  Besides desander, centrifugal pumps are appreciated since the interchangeability with MISSION Magnum pump. Durable structure, high quality mechanical seal, great overall appearance help us obtain trust and support from clients

AIPU Solids control is professional manufacturer on oilfield solids control desander. Also other equipment for whole mud system. Such as shale shaker, desilter, centrifuge decanter, agitator, tanks,and so on. Just come to us find your solutions

Desander separator