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High quality horizontal mud agitator delivery

Horizontal mud agitator is hot sales product at AIPU solids control. High quality raw material, professional technical support, strict quality control give users reliable product with stable performance

Agitators delivered are APMA11. This customer was introduced by our regular clients ever bought mud agitators, shale shaker, centrifugal pump, degasser, and so on. Sincerely appreciate customers' support and trust.

Horizontal mud agitator delivery
Horizontal mud agitators are usually configured with helical warm and wheel gear box on horizontal motor. Sometimes, clients prefer direct connection, sometimes they prefer the motor and reduction box connected by coupling.

For agitators used to replace existing agitator we kindly suggest configure one support base. Of course, it will be better if user give us details on dimension, space size, etc. But the base frame will help end user install agitator more easy
High quality horizontal mud agitator

These mud agitators are equipped with double layer impeller and blade are canted style. Shaft longs over 2m, impeller diameter is 850mm. They were designed based on user's mud tank size and mud property.

According to different clients' demand, the shaft and impeller can be customized. Please feel free to contact Aipu solids for more detail or best price.

horizontal mud agitator