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Oil drilling mud centrifuge ready to deliver

Oil drilling mud centrifuge is operated as 4th solids control equipment or 5th purification equipment. They can be used to process drilled cuttings as fine as 2 microns. Or they will be used to recall barite or similar material. 2 sets decanter centrifuge to be delivered are for oilfield user

One set is middle speed, the APLW450X1000, the other is high speed APGLW355X1258. High speed is controlled by VFD panel. Along with the centrifuges, there are slurry pump as feeding pump. We all know, decanter centrifuge will be set after Desilter or mud cleaner.

Oil drilling mud centrifuge ready to deliver

This client requested 2 different centrifuge 2 centrifuges will be set as series.  User plan to get different function and maintain drilling fluid property. Such as recovery the bentonite, reduce the drilling fluid weight.

APLW450X1000 speed is up to 2200rpm, capacity is about 50m³/h, while APGLW355X1258N speed is up to 3500rpm at maximum. The high speed centrifuge flow rate is about 35m³/h. Motor power is 30KW+7.5KW. Our design is compact and economical

The bowl assembly material are high quality S.S304L. Centrifuge support frame is made of high quality national standard carbon steel. Strong and durable enough. Heavy duty with fork lift position. Easy to handle for domestic and oversea shipment
Decanter centrifuge ready to deliver

Furthermore, such centrifuges are popular. They are easy to operate, maintain, also request few spare parts. In short words, clients are happy with our design. They may operate them soon after receiving them

Please come to us if you have interest or any question

Oil drilling mud centrifuge