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ZJ50 rig mud system got high appreciation from customer

ZJ50 rig mud system was delivered about 3 weeks ago. End user requested us to send system to drilling rig factory. Over there system will be tested and commissioned firstly. Also, rig manufacturer had to build up insulation shed for the system and lay out all modular well.

As we introduced before, there are shaker tank, centrifuge tank, mixing tank, reserve tank, trip tank, and pill tank. Complete line equipment including shale shaker, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge, mud agitator, centrifugal pump, mixing hopper, and so on.

During the test we connected tanks, pipelines, the wirelines, and so on. To confirm the layout is same as the space of job site. This mud system configuration is not typical standard one. It was designed per drilling condition and client's requirement. Furthermore, the whole system is based on customer's budget. Please find some picture as reference.

Besides this ZJ50 rig mud system, our customer is gonna purchase ZJ70 oil rig and the mud system in near future. They are confident with our proposal, product and service. If you need more information bout this system delivered please leave messages below. You'll get special discount on any equipment

ZJ50 rig mud system

Oil rig solids control system

ZJ50 rig mud system delivery

ZJ50 rig mud system