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ZJ20 Mud system under final process for delivery

ZJ20 mud system is solids control system for drilling fluid at work over rig site.

The system including 2 sets Hunter-MG3 shale shaker, desander separator, desilter separator, decanter centrifuge. The auxiliary equipment are mud agitators, mud mixing hopper, mud gun. Tanks are configured with trip tank compartment, desander tank, desilter tank, centrifuge tank, pill tank, reserve tank

ZJ20 Mud system

Tanks are with 12000mm length, sufficient space and volume for whole mud system. Tanks were designed with white main body, and black skid. All equipment are painted with orange.

ZJ20 mud system is for overseas end user. Besides the system, we fabricated oil tank for their fuel storage. Considering client shipment schedule, the oil tank was delivered firstly. The mud system will be delivered soon this week
Drilling mud solids control system
Kindly find some pictures as your reference. Final process will be finished within this week. By then we'll update you with more images

Do you need more information on the whole solids control system? Please feel free to contact Aipu solids

ZJ20 Mud system