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Congratulations on new order on mud gas separators

Mud gas separator used in drilling site is set ahead of shale shaker. Gas separator is also referred to poor boy degasser and connected with choke manifold to process large quantity entrained gas.

Last days, we got order on 28 sets liquid gas separator and the gas flame. They will be delivered overseas prior to Spring Festival. Mud gas separators are APMGS1200. These degassers body diameter is 1200mm. Each degasser will be delivered along with 80m vent line sized 8"

Mud gas separator for oilfield mud system

The flare ignition device is custom built with taller height. The stainless steel torch and high quality seamless tube are the main structure. All gas flames can be controlled by remote control. Mud gas separator and ignitor are connected by the vent line/gas discharge line. Gas flame is always set over 60m far away from degasser for safety working condition.
New order on poor boy degasser
Almost clients will place order on both degasser and gas flame. We know they are safe equipment for oil drilling. Some blow out accident is from high air pressure lead by ground pressure rise suddenly. If we get rid of entrained gas in drilling mud, the mud density will be table and proper to balance pressure underground
Vent line for liquid gas separator
Please find some pictures as your reference. The degassers and flare ignitors are under manufacture. Clients will come here to check all items and despatch their own logistic team to pick goods soon.

Are you in the demand of poor boy and flare ignition device? Please feel free to contact us. You will get special discount till to Jan.31.
Gas flame for oil drilling

Mud gas separator