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Custom built shaker and agitator delivered yesterday

Shale shaker and mud agitators are popular equipment at Aipu solids control. From Hunter-Mini, Hunter-D, to Hunter-MG. The agitators are from APMA5.5 to APMA15.

Yesterday, we delivered over 20 sets mud agitator and one set Hunter-MG3 shaker. You may find they are not beautiful with gray color. Yes, they were painted with primary. Our end user requested to paint intermediate and finish coatings themself

shale shaker
Shale shaker are driven by 1.72KW x 2 Martin motor. The screens are composite framed panel. Swift installation and replace type. Durable and reliable. Mud agitators are horizontal type geared by wheel and wheel worm reducer. Some of them are equipped with stainless steel shaft and impeller 
Mud agitator
This client ever purchased our agitator and mud gas separator last year. This is their repeat order. End user is very happy with our product quality, appearance and performance. Trust this time they will be more happy.

Last time, they requested our painting work. This time they will do the finalization themselves. To save time, and if there is rude handling they can do remedial measure easily.

Please find some image as your reference. If you are interested in these equipment, please contact us freely. The final discount time is Jan.31. 
Hunter-MG3 shaker

Agitator shaft and impeller

Shale shaker mud agitator