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Over 400 panels shaker screen delivery last week

Shaker screen was delivered last week. The screen panels are over 400 pcs for 2 regular customers. They placed many repeat orders on shaker screens and equipment.  What did they order this time?

There are replacement screen VENOM, FLC500, FLC2000, VSM300, and so on. The mesh size are mainly ranged from API 70 to API 200. All these screen panels are popular items with most users. Among these screen, there are both flat and pyramid type.

Sincerely appreciate customer's support and trust. Aipu will provide high quality product constantly. Trust you will be all happy with the high cost-efficiency of AIPU shaker screen. 

The steel framed screen panel are made of high quality carbon steel tube, and profile. Punched holes are small rectangular one. Such design is more beautiful and holding larger filtration area. You may find our grid sides are thinner than others'

Furthermore, the screen cloth are S.S304L according to users' preference and budget. After all procedure finished, you will definitely prefer Aipu screen to others. This is why our price is a bit higher but customer will select us still.

Please come to Aipu solids control find your screen solutions. You will be surprised since our quality and service

Shaker screen delivery last week

Replacement screen delivery last week

Over 400 panels screen delivery


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