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Multiple orders on plastic back screen panel

Plastic back screen panel is the shaker screen panel bonded by plastic sheet. Now Aipu shaker screen has finished upgrade. The screen bonding sheet holding rectangular grid. It is more even and beautiful. Also such design provide larger NBA

Last month we delivered about 500 panels such screen to different clients. Yesterday we delivered another lot of such screen to Shanghai Port. This batch screen (about 600 panels) belong to different clients, too. They appreciate our screen quality and professional service. Clients are from Singapore, Australia, UAE, and so on.

Plastic back screen panel
We trust after this order, they will place bulk order again. As they compared our screens with many suppliers' they are very happy and pleased with our shaker screens. Such shaker screen is widely used on M-I SWACO shaker. We also call it as soft hook strap screen.Such screen is easy to install since flexible to mount and move, and so on

And compared to other manufacturers, our screen last long life at reasonable cost. Averagely, each panel price is USD83 at FOB China port.
Delivery on plastic back screen panel
Please find some picture as your reference. Let us know if you need any sample or more detail.

plastic back screen panel