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Repeat order on replacement 600 screen delivery

Replacement 600 screen is corrugated screen panel used on Dual Pool 600 series shaker lower deck. Pleased to share from the year beginning till now we've delivered over 5000 panels such screen around world.

Aipu shaker screen replacement for DP600 is appreciated by clients since high reliable quality and cost-effectiveness.  Compared to genuine screen from Derrick, our price is almost 1/5 or 1/6 of theirs. However, the screen life and performance is similar.

Replacement 600 screen delivery
This week we just delivered over 500 panels to different clients both home and abroad. They are repeat orders. The mesh sizes ranged from API 30 to API 300. We've improved such screen times per different clients' feedback and requirement

Now, we are considering to do some detail issues improvement. Such as the pyramid end grinding, handle. Such adjustment will make screens perfect with better appearance
Shaker screens delivery
Why so many clients select Aipu as screen supplier? We do have provided excellent replacement shaker screen to user. As well as our professional service throughout whole sales procedure. Clients almost have tested our screen sample, then trial order, then bulk order. They found reliable and stable quality then don't toward to other suppliers even they offer lower price. Since we trust all clients or users prefer quality to price/cost. Or they'll pay more attention on the whole efficiency.

Please feel free to contact Aipu for more detail on replacement 600 screen

replacement 600 screen