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Diesel tanks for petroleum well drilling delivered

Diesel tanks are widely used at well drilling site. They are containers keep fuel for site engine and generator. Delivered tanks were fabricated for a regular clients. They've purchased us over 15 fuel tanks. Some are used in Russia under frozen weather, while some are used in Africa and Middle East. 

Diesel tanks

Such tanks can be designed as rectangular and circular shape. This lot tanks are rectangular. All tanks are completely with pipelines, valves, oil pumps, gauges. Within 30 days, we finished the diesel tanks cater for client's urgency. Although the high temperature and strict regulations on environmental-protection. We do all the needful work among our counterparts finished items requested urgently by clients

The tanks were fit with storage compartment. Some necessary tools, auxiliary equipment, and the control panel will be there with two doors at end

Please find picture as your reference. Now, we are fabricating pumps for this client. They are very happy with our product quality, service and execution performance.
Diesel oil tank delivery
We ever delivered fuel tanks to Siberia area. Those tanks were designed with warm keep layer and the round end. These tanks will be delivered to CNPC drilling site. They can connect with either tank for feeding and discharging diesel oil. They can be used to supply or discharge oil on tanker

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Diesel tanks