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Jet mud guns and tank suction valves delivery

Jet mud guns are the blending equipment used on mud tank to mix drilling fluid and spray fluid to avoid dead corner. Mud guns including high pressure and normal pressure one. This lot mud guns are common type with 1.0Mpa pressure.

Besides mud guns, there are mud tank suction valves under the same order. The suction valve is the L flow pattern with hand wheel to operate. Length is about 2.1m to suit clients' existing tanks.

 Jet mud guns

Pleased to say, this order was placed by our regular client. They also purchased agitator, centrifugal pump, shaker, screens, and so on from us. The white color painting is customized for them. 

Mud guns are bottom type mud gun. Connected with mud gun line the mud will spray to the corner to keep mud gun suspending in tank. These mud guns are 3 nozzles with no dead corner 

Please feel free to contact Aipu for more detail or any interest. You will get your customized solution soon!

Jet mud guns tank suction valves