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Oil sludge treatment system delivered to oilfield

Oil sludge treatment system including six skids in total. The primary process skid, the first phase process, Second, Third, Fourth and the generator containers skid, then the storage tank.

The primary process skid

Primary process skid including crashing machine, shale shaker, feeding pump, agitator and the tank skid. The shale shaker is Hunter-MG4 with coarse screen panel for better separation efficiency. There is brushing device to clean screen panel to avoid screen blocking

The crushing machine is made of high quality carbon steel with alloy and very tough, strong for processing materials. The sludge prior to treating, there will be many rubbish. Such as plastic bags, stones, living waste, and so on. We have to do some basic cleaning up. Pick bags out of material since crushing machine may be wrapped by them
Oil sludge treatment system delivered to oilfield

Crushing machine is set prior to shaker and crush the solid waste to small particles, the horizontal sludge pump will transfer materials to shaker for primary process.

Meanwhile, there is heating unit to maintain oil fluidness and make oil removal easy for further treatment

Oil sludge treatment 1st phase process

1st phase process skid including submersible slurry pump, the water tank, the dosing tank, pipelines, dosing pump, sewage pump, and so on. In this skid, the chemical feeding tank including flocculant and coagulant department. There is the ultra-sonic shaking bar for better filtration or separation

Totally on the first phase process skid, there are 3 compartments. 2 of them are same arrangement. This will help us get much better separation result. The second phase skid is same as previous skid. 
Oil sludge system delivery

Later phase processing skid

On the third skid, the tank will be divided into 2 compartment. One is used to add chemicals, the other is decanter centrifuge compartment. The chemicals will help to concrete extra fine solids and make the materials more dry out of centrifuge. The fluids/water will be reused then.

There is filter to separate the ultra fine clay or colloidal via carbo and sand. Water out here will be transferred into tank 1 for reuse or re-process. The storage tank can separate oil and water since the oil-water separator.
generator for oil sludge treatment
The system will request about 650KW power. It can be widely used in oilfield drilling, refinery plant, oil storage yard and so on. Suitable for oil base mud waste management, refinery waste cleaning, well head waste process, and so on

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Oil sludge treatment system