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Oil rig matting boards for African user are ready to deliver

Oil rig matting boards are made of steel beam and natural larch after corrosion-resisting process. The rig mats for this client including 4 different dimension. Such as 160"x80"x8 2/5", 200"x80"x 8 2/5" and so on. The end user is from Africa, the rig mattings will be delivered together with other equipment. Including the mud pump, diesel engine, and other oilfield equipments

How did we make the rig matting boards? According to clients' requirement on loading and ground condition we'll suggest configuration on size, technique process, and so on. Then they will decide which proposal is optimal for them. And then we'll provide all detail drawings for their confirmation

Oil rig matting boards

Against mutual agreement, we'll purchase all raw material. Such as the wood, the steel beam the welding consumables. All these materials will be selected or processed per executive code and clients' request. 

We firstly weld the steel structure and inspect the welding on the whole frame. We'll do necessary grinding and process prior to embed wood blocks. Such as sand-blasting. All the wood blocks are treated as anti-corrosive by special procedure with pressure and oil.
rig mats for sale

Wood blocks will be cut or processed at the same time when welding implemented. After wood blocks processed well per designed size will be then inserted into frame. After assembling the whole rig matting boards we'll do the painting procedure. Heavy anti corrosive epoxy zinc rich paint oil and polyurethane finish layer up to over 200microns. 

Please find pictures for your reference. Contact us freely if you have any question or interest

oil rig matting boards