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"Families.Happiness.Success" team construction trip

“Families.Happiness.Success" trip ended with great pleasure. Aipu people enjoyed wonderful trip time on Taibai Mountain last days

To appreciate our mates’ hard work and do the best relax before next journey, we held this team construction trip. We treat people as our essential wealth, we believe good leisure will lead better energy and higher efficiency

During this trip, all mates climbed up to the peak top of Qinling Mountains. During climbing, we encouraged each other we helped each other. It is really great when we work hard as an entirety. We got stronger confidence and will. We understood nothing is impossible if we do our best and don’t give up. 
team construction trip
Our mates also have enjoyed delicious food and comfortable hot spring. There was always happy singing and laughter along with our trip. However, time flies, especially when we feel pleased. We hope we could be there for a longer time. Looking forward to our next families trip.
AIPU team
Pleased to share the charming sight seeing of Taibai Mount with you. It is the peak of Qinling. We sincerely welcome all our regular and potential clients to be here at Aipu, to Shaanxi. Shaanxi is known as a treasure palace. You can enjoy the special nature places feel the unsophisticated folk.
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"Families Happiness Success "