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Thousand panels of shaker screen were delivered

Shaker screen is hot sales product of AIPU Solids control. Just last days we delivered about thousand panels of shaker screen to America. The screens including the pretensioned framed screen, the hook strap flat panel and the corrugated panels

shaker screen were delivered
Screens mesh sizes including API 40, API 80, API 100, API 230 and so on. We packed it as one panel per carton and 2 panels per carton. As the different formation of screen panel. Then we packed the cartons on a plywood pallet. This shipment were delivered as FCL. Such packing method will save space and shipping cost for client. The plastic film is wrapped all over the pallet. This will help to prevent water or surface damage

What types were there among the screens? There are replacement screen for 48x30, for cobra series, for the KPT screen, and so on. Please check screen picture for your more reference
High quality shale shaker screen sales

Some clients appreciate our screens after placing initial order. They are willing to get special discount with high-quality screen. We have some volume discount suggestion, please feel free to contact us for detail. For example, if you place order on 5000 panels screen in 2 year you'll get one set shale shaker for free. Or when you place order over 1000 panels, the screens from 1001st panel will be discounted.

Do you need more information? Or we could be any of assistance? Contact us now!

shaker screen