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Mud tank auxiliary equipment delivery last week

Mud tank auxiliary equipment delivered last week including mud tank suction valves, the mud guns, the mud agitators, and so on. The end users are both domestic client and abroad client. Auxiliary equipment including many items, such as mud agitator, centrifugal pump, mud guns, tank valves, and so on

Mud tank auxiliary equipment

Please find some pictures for your reference. These equipment have been delivered to clients. The agitators are common design with helical worm and wheel gear box, the valves are suction valve, the mud guns are the NJQ80 with 3 nozzles. 
Mud equipment delivery

Mud agitators are APMA11, APMA7.5 with S.S coupling; the mud tank valves are mounted with S.S wet parts and the anti-corrosive sealing parts; the mud guns are with high quality polyurethane nozzle and S.S cover also the 360° rotation function

The mud tank valves including 8", 10" and 12" for different pipelines and functions. Tank suction valves can help drilling mud or fluids transfer between tanks. It makes fluids transfer more flexible. Form compartment to compartment, from tank to tank is more easier. The high level handle will help convenient control on tank valves.
Mud tank agitator

For mud agitator and mud guns, usually they will be operated together. As mud guns can solve the dead corner problem. There is pressure, the drilling fluids can be sprayed out directly to corner and some fluids can't be mixed by agitator impeller in tank. 

Mud tank auxiliary equipment