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Over 500 panels shaker screen delivery

Shaker screen is always hot product at AIPU. High-quality and competitive cost is the reason clients selected us. This lot of shaker screen is over 500 panels for a new client. They were introduced by our regular customer

Screens size range is from API 40 to API 230. These screen panels are pre-tensioned and steel framed screen. The punched hole is our latest design-small square with thin grids. Such design will help screen to get a larger effective area and higher conductance during operation

shaker screen delivery

Why clients recommended AIPU Solids control to the new customer? Since product quality and our good service. And that regular client has purchased over 400 panels of screen again yesterday

This lot of shaker screens will be delivered within 7 days. It's sea shipment and user will receive it in about 4 weeks. Please find some pictures for your reference.
Over 500 panels shaker screen delivery

Besides such shaker screen, Aipu produces high quality composite framed screen and corrugated screens. Please contact us freely if you have any demand or further interest. Trust Aipu product and service will satisfy you.

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shaker screen