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Solids control equipment delivery last days

Solids control equipment delivered last days including decanter centrifuge, vacuum degasser, centrifugal pumps, mud agitator, slurry pumps, and so on. Please find more details below

Decanter centrifuge is the APLW450X1000N. This centrifuge was for our regular client. They have purchased 5 sets complete mud system from us and many separated equipment last 2 years. The end user is happy with our quality and service

Solids control equipment delivery last days

The vacuum degasser is APZCQ270. The flow rate is 270m³/h and holding vacuum ratio is up to 1.68. The degassing efficiency is not lower than 95%. However, it doesn't request high energy. The main motor is 22kw, while pump motor is only 3kw. Under the rotation impact, as well as the gravity and agitation the gas will be effectively removed out of drilling fluids before it flowing to subsequent equipment. 
Solids control centrifugal pump

For mud agitators, there are 2 design. One is geared by helical worm and wheel reducer, the other is the helical bevel reducer. Helical bevel geared agitator will produce higher torque and request less space. It's small foot print and energy-saving design. More and more clients prefer the helical bevel geared agitator
Solids control equipment

Submersible slurry pumps are for HDD user. The pump will transfer drilling mud from mud pit to their shakers. They have many drilling rigs. These pumps are for different drilling sites. However, they are same model with same capacity. This user was introduced by our regular user since high quality and economical cost. 

Please find some pictures for your reference. If you have any interest or need further information please let us know.