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Drilling mud reserve tanks delivery for SINOPEC

Drilling mud reserve tanks are used to keep the drilling fluids at SINOPEC gas exploration site. Recent years, the shale gas exploration is under large development in China. The drilling rigs are almost ZJ90. This lot mud tanks are for the gas drilling process

Mud reserve tanks are custom built with large volume up to 80m³. The mud agitators are supplied along with tanks. They are mounted well at tank top. Mud agitators are driven by 20HP motor and the gear box is the directly coupled to motor. This lot agitators are economical and powerful for such mud reserve tank. 

Drilling mud reserve tanks delivery for SINOPEC

Upon 50 pcs of tank arrival, SINOPEC will place a repeat order on over 50 pcs tank. They have inspected tanks at our factory. They are happy and satisfied with our quality and total lead time

Furthermore, we are discussing the cooperation on complete solids control system for ZJ30 with very high level specifications. Such as tank design, equipment specs, material selection, and so on

Why clients request so many big tanks to reserve tank? 
There are many reasons. They considered the drilling mud demand for deep well drilling. They also consider the environmental protection issues, as well as they have many sets of drilling rigs for different drilling sites.
Drilling mud tanks

Besides above over 100 pcs of mud tank, there are over 20 tanks under manufacture. They are for CNPC. Some of the tanks will be delivered abroad for their overseas drilling project. 

Do you also have demand on mud tanks? Please feel free to contact us. There are mud tanks, mud equipment, oil tank, water tank, and so on. For tanks, they can be rectangular bottom, and orbicular bottom tank.

Drilling mud reserve tanks