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Hunter-MG4 Shale shaker is ready to deliver

Hunter-MG4 shale shaker is the design of our own. Aipu Hunter-MG series shale shaker are very popular with a lot fo clients. There are not only standard shakers but also some custom built ones. Such as double decked, dual tandem, and so on

Hunter-MG4 Shale shaker is ready to deliver

Hunter-MG4 shaker for this client is a repeat order from regular customer. They ever placed order on the 500GPM mud recycling system. However, they insist on explosion proof motors and control panel since the higher level quality. The end user is from Europe. 

Why client selected AIPU Hunter-MG4 shaker again? Yes, they prefer the shaker quality and performance. Last year, the whole system works very well and they select the economical and competitive shaker to fit on their other system. Against this shaker's arrival, they may place another order on other shakers or equipment to process drilling mud
Mud recycling shaker

AIPU Hunter-MG shaker holds many benefits. Such as the wedge blocked shaker screen makes screen installation and replacement more easy and convenient. The screen panels are interchangeable with famous brand SWACO Mongoose panel. The Schneider components in control panel. The powerful vibration strength and good performance of separation
Hunter-MG4 shaker for sale
Please feel free to contact AIPU if you have similar demand. The true competitive cost and cost-effectiveness will benefit you much on saving cost on both purchase and operation. No matter for HDD or oil and gas drilling. Come to AIPU now!

Hunter-MG4 Shale shaker