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Shaker screens delivered recently

Shaker screens delivered recently including different models for different region users.

Shaker screen is important wearing parts for shale shaker. Shaker is rather important so the screen panel is critical for whole shaker and even whole system performance. These shaker screens were manufactured for regular clients. There are corrugated framed screen panels. 

Shaker screens delivered recently
Replacement screen for King Cobra, replacement shaker screen for Derrick HYP series, replacement V300 primary, and so on. Kindly check pictures for more reference. The screen sizes are ranged from API 40 to API 325. Besides the delivered panels, there are over 3000 panels under manufacture

We sincerely appreciate clients' lasting support and trust. They place repeat order regularly continuously. Among the ten thousand of screen panels, almost of them are repeat orders from regular client. More and more users appreciate AIPU screen since the high quality and true cost-effectiveness. Clients use our screens to replace the OEM ones and give us good feedback.
 V300 screen panels
Please find some pictures for your reference. Trust we’ll give you optimal solutions for your shaker screen or shaker problem.
Clients select AIPU also because of our flexibility on screens configuration. From the raw material to the package, from the screen layer to the mesh hole pattern. Please feel free to contact AIPU if you have demand on shaker screens. No matter what models or what makes. Call us as a try. It will be a great beginning of our cooperation
AIPU shaker screens are fabricated with high quality S.S wire mesh. Our standard configuration is S.S316. If some clients prefer lower cost or level it will be S.S304L, while some clients prefer the highest level with S.S316L. And the frame or the back support plate is the cold rolled sheet.
Furthermore, from now on until to Feb.4 any of you inquired screens will be discounted ones. Please come to us find out the surprise now.

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