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Slurry pump delivered overseas for mud recycling user

Slurry pump is widely used in drilling mud recycling system. It can be used to transfer drilling fluids from mud pit or tank to shaker or other equipment

APYZ series submersible slurry pump is hot sales product. They are durable and reliable. This user was introduced by our regular client at the beginning. Now they become our regular clients, too. They appreciate our pumps quality and performance

Slurry pump delivered overseas for mud recycling user
They have many sets of large HDD rigs. After receiving our mud recycling equipment, they placed this new order on the slurry pumps. 

Please find pictures for your reference. The submerge depth is 1.3m, it is customized for this user. For other clients, we ever made submerge depth is 2m, and so on. This submerge length decided by clients' working condition and detail requirements

The pumps will be shipped in one week during Spring Festival. This delivery catered for users' urgency. We finished them in 2 weeks. Sincerely appreciate clients' support and our teammates' hard work
Submersible pumps delivered for mud recycling user

The slurry pump can be used as shaker feeding pump, also can be used as decanter centrifuge feeding pump. Such pump is made of high quality casting iron. They will be suitable for abrasive materials. Submersible slurry pump are easy to operate and there is little maintenance cost

Please feel free to contact us. No matter for mud recycling for HDD or for oilfield centrifuge. 

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