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APLCQ300 Centrifugal degasser ready to deliver

Centrifugal degasser for this client is a repeat order. They selected APLCQ300 since it's vertical type with smaller foot print. Compared with other suppliers, AIPU produces high quality vertical centrifugal degasser similar as CD1400

APLCQ300 degasser is used to process drilling fluids entrained with small quantity gas. It is set after shale shaker but before desilter or mud cleaner, same as the vacuum degasser. Compared with common vacuum degasser, it's more compact and can be submerged in tank to suck the drilling mud

Its functions like a combination of a centrifugal pump and a centrifuge. The bottom inlet of the degasser unit is submerged in the gas-cut mud and is filled by gravity. When the degasser motor is started, the impeller inside the degasser lower body rotates the gas-cut mud. The rotating impeller forces the mud to rise to the top of the degasser lower body.

Centrifugal degasser ready to deliver
The path of the mud is around and up because the bottom orifice of the degasser lower body is smaller than the top orifice. The mud then spills over the top of the lower body into the discharge chamber. In the discharge chamber, the mud velocity decreases, gains pressure and exits through the mud discharge outlet. While rotating upward in the degasser, the mud is spread into a layer about an inch thick and subjected to the centrifugal force. This increases the buoyant force on the tiny gas bubbles and they migrate to the center of rotation. When they reach the surface of the mud, they pop out and become free gas. The free gas will exit through the 2-inch gas discharge outlet and the mud will exit through the 6- inch mud discharge outlet

Why clients select APLCQ to replace existing CD1400 or other degassers? Please find its technical specifications. The liquid inlet is 20" and outlet is 6", while the gas vent line is 2". The flow rathe is 300M³/h with 30m³/h gas vented. Main motor is 22kw and the fan motor is 1.1kw. Dimension is about 1150x1054x3110mm. 

Please let us know if you have any demand or question. Trust AIPU will give you the timely solution at your budget. Leave messages below for a free quote

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