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Replacement HYP shaker screen to be delivered

Replacement HYP shaker screen is the screen panel for Hyper Pool Shaker. The screen is corrugated panel. Presently, many users upgrade previous generation shaker to the Hyper Pool one. It is more easy to operate and maintain with higher efficiency.

The screens are ready to deliver overseas along with client's drilling rig and other assistant equipment. The ship may sail by end of March. In this order, the screen sizes ranged from API 80 to API 325. Occupied all screens used during whole well drilling

Replacement HYP shaker screen to be delivered

Our users told us their drilling mud is OBM and with heavy density. This is their repeat order after over 3000 panels of other size screens. Please find some picture for more reference

Run the HYP shaker, the screen change time is from over 2 mins to the 45 seconds under same condition of single man operation. Hyper Pool shaker request little maintenance cost including the shaker screens.
HYP replacement screens

Aipu is proud to say our replacement shaker screen will help user to save much cost on money and the time. Our users are very happy with our screen quality and our service so long time. The replacement HYP series screens are corrugated panel with peaks. And they can be installed on Hyperpool shaker as well as the mud cleaner manufactured by Derrick

Please come to AIPU get your solution of shaker screens. Not just for your HYP series shaker or cleaner, but also other models and makes. Such as the MD Series replacement screen, the VENOM, the VSM series, and so on

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Replacement HYP shaker screen to be delivered

HYP shaker screen