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ZJ50 Mud system under fabrication

ZJ50 Mud system for this client including 10 set of tanks and complete line mud equipment from shale shaker to centrifuge. As well as all auxiliary equipment such as mud hoppers, mud agitator, and pumps.

This project was negotiated over 6 months. From the initial proposal to the contract signed. Our client and the end user are very thankful for our patience and timely support on all of their question and requirements. Even for tiny detail of the lamp cover, name plate we gave them practical suggestion and reasonable design.

ZJ50 Mud system under fabrication

Main equipment including 2 sets of Hunter-MG4 shale shaker, 1 set of Hunter mud cleaner, 5 sets of APSB8X6 centrifugal pump, 1 set of APSB4X3 pump, 30 sets of mud agitators, and 2 sets of mixing hopper. Also 18 sets of mud gun with 360° rotation

All others are the pipelines, explosion proof lamps, control panels, cable trough, the awning and so on. Now the system is under late fabrication and will be finished in 1 week. Please find some pictures for your reference.
ZJ50 Mud system shaker

Just 2 weeks ago, we began talking about another mud system for ZJ70 oil rig. As our client despatched their inspector at our facility for daily supervision and inspection on quality and produce plan implementation status. After the inspector reporting to company office they are very happy with all things we have done.
shale shaker under manufacture

The new project may start in 2 months later. They have expressed the appreciation and good willing on our good new cooperation

Please find pictures on our equipment and system fabrication. You will know Aipu quality and Aipu efforts better. Or please contact us freely
Mud tank cleaning gate

ZJ50 Mud system