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3000 panels of shaker screen delivered last week

Shaker screens are hot sales product at AIPU solids control. Since the continuous high quality and the cost-effectiveness of Aipu screen, we've got a lot of users' appreciation. And there are more and more clients selecting Aipu

Shaker screen delivered last week

What are these screen this shipment? There are composite framed Mongoose and V300 replacement screen. All screens will be used in oil drilling site overseas. Please check some pictures for your reference

The screens size ranged from API 10 to API 325. This lot of screen will be used across whole drilling procedure. According to different phase, drilling condition the screens will be changed accordingly. This user is very professional and holding their own lab also the engineer of drilling mud

You may find Aipu produce many different types of screen and many different color of screens. Why there are so many different color? Why even same model screen will be produced with different colors? 

Since the color can be customized according to users' preference. No matter black, orange, or green. We can help you to achieve your or your customers' preference. But the screen quality and performance will be same among different colored panels
Shaker screens delivered last week

The screens will be arriving at destination in about 20 days. Then we'll get another repeat order from this valued client. Sincerely appreciate their trust and support so long time. We'll keep going and providing the best product with best services
V300 screen

Are you in the demand of such screens, too? Please contact us freely

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