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Latest version Hunter mud cleaner delivery

Hunter mud cleaner is the combination of hydro cyclone Desander, desilter, and the bottom shaker. The bottom shaker is mostly configured with Hunter-MG series linear motion shaker. There are 3 sets of mud cleaner about to be delivered

One is the common Hunter-200 mud cleaner. It's designed with 2 desander cones and 12 desilter cones. Bottom shaker is Hunter-MG4 linear motion shaker. The screen area is about 2.73M².  Another set is Hunter-240 mud cleaner with 2 desander cone and the double decked Hunter-MG4 shaker, the other is orange color with the splash guard fitted.Please check pictures for your reference

Latest version Hunter mud cleaner delivery

You can find out the big difference is surface color. It's in AIPU Color designed for our equipment specially. Bright blue with green in some degree. Control panels on the cleaner is covered by a shed to prevent rain or bad weather condition
Hunter mud cleaner delivery

All cones utilized are high quality hydrocyclone. While the desander cones are inserted with steel supporting for better hardness or strength. Qualified cones will help we to get better separation result and cost less. The 2 sets of Hunter mud cleaner are for our regular clients. Why they select AIPU time and time again? Our product quality, our service, our support, everything we've done through whole cooperation
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Let us know if you also have interest or demand on the mud cleaner. Maybe you have different requirements. Maybe you need more details. Just call us freely
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