In-direct Thermal Desorption (Harmless)
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In-direct Thermal Desorption (Harmless)

The sludge sewage or drilling cuttings with oil in oilfield will be pre-treated by crushing shaker get rid of impurity and make particles more evenly to minimize water content. Materials pass through measuring scale and conveyor to indirect thermal desorporption room for further heating to 450-650℃, the organic impurity will be evaporated out of solids when there is boiling point.

In-direct Thermal Desorption (Harmless)


Model Capacity
Heating Area
Standard Temperature
Oil Water Air
Rj2 2 220 Natural gas/Fuel 1200 GB4284-84 450-650 Recycle Cooling down Burn
Rj5 5  

Features and benefits:

1. Utilized PLC system
2. Disposed solids contained oil is less or equal 3‰
3. No gas discharged from desorption system, more environmentally friendly
4. Heat energy can be reused times to decrease hot-island effect
5. Indirection process, utilized inert air fire fighting system
6. The system can recycle organic material over 95%. Noncondensing gas can be fuel material
7. System is skid mounted type for easy set up, transportation, and so on
8. It is adaptable for cuttings with oil, oil sludge sewage, refinery sludge, bottom dirty oil, etc.

In-direct Thermal Desorption (Harmless)