Cuttings Boxes

Cuttings Boxes brief

Drilling cuttings boxes are also referred to mud skips Widely used for transportation and safe handling of drill cuttings or fluid waste to and from drilling site or platforms These units provide a safe and efficient means of containment of drilling waste for transport to treatment and disposal sites

Drilling cuttings boxes are similar with the sea shipment container but better sealed with smaller dimension and volume. One lot cuttings container will be fabricated with same size and general frame for convenient transportation and store. They can be used on both onshore and offshore platform. It holds high flexibility on certain size with custom built service.

Almost offshore site use mud skips, and nowadays, more and more land rig site request such items as well. Thanks to the limit or drilling rig lifting ability the boxes is the ideal way to collect and transfer cuttings. Usually, drilling cuttings box will be set nearby solids control equipment. Thus it’s easy and convenient to collect waste or cuttings. We can transfer the boxes together at a certain quantity. If it’s offshore platform we’ll do such work by ship. And when carriage go back to site empty cuttings box will be returned.

Mud skips of one lot for a same job site should be designed with same size, same skid, same base, seam lifting lug. Thus all the boxes can be piled up easily and steadily. Aipu cuttings boxes will no deformation with falling off at 1m height, and after inspection, no leakage at all. The slide channel, base and frame are all in good condition


Mud Skip Technical Parameters

Length Width Height Weight
7’2” 6’1” 5’2” 3527lbs
6’ 7” 5’ 9” 4’ 4” 2,711lbs.
9’3” 6’1” 5’4” 4850lbs

Features of AIPU Cuttings Boxes

  1. Strict design and manufacture per international standard.
  2. Great sealing with no leakage.
  3. DNV or BV, etcetera certification available against request
  4. High strength.
  5. High quality raw material for quality insurance.
  6. Jotun painting oil specially for offshore site and waste material.
  7. Custom built available.

Mud skip 3D model