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Flare Ignitor Device

The flare ignition device is used to light the waste gas in oil and gas industry, it connected with poor boy degasser which separate gas from drilling mud and vent gas to flare ignition device.

Flare Ignitor Device Flare Ignitor Devices

Description of Flare Ignitor Device

Burn the harmful or poisonous gas by igniter will eliminate threaten to environment and safety. Every flare ignition device will be operated together with mud gas separator. They will be connected with the vent line or gas discharge line. They are widely used in oil and gas drilling.

Besides traditional flare igniter, Aipu also manufacture the ignition device with solar panel. The battery will be charged under sun energy. This is more environmental-friendly with green energy.

For each flare ignition device, we’ll configure the burner, the control panel, the joint connection, a small tank with LNG

Tips to note while igniter operation

  1. 1. Confirm the power system is under AC
  2. 2. Do not push ignition button on when the cable is not connected with ignition rod
  3. 3. No move/connection when it is working
  4. 4. Do not connect control panel output line to any other power supply but only high voltage device
  5. 5. The control cabinet and ignitor is non-explosion proof equipment. Please pay attention on any flammable fluid or explosive gas
  6. 6. Conducting rod consisted of high frequency ceramic parts, please handle it softly. No bending, throwing always.
  7. 7. There is “Pa, Pa, Pa…” voice at front end of conducting rod while ignition. Otherwise, there is something wrong
  8. 8. Please pay attention on the control panel power. When the internal power is between0.4~11V, please charge the battery in time.

Features of AIPU Flare Ignition Device

  • 1. Stainless steel burner torch.
  • 2. Mature design with successful job site performance.
  • 3. Conventional battery or solar battery.
  • 4. Custom built available.

Flare Ignition Device Technical Parameters

Model Torch Dia Burn Height Voltage Ignition Voltage Ignition Frequency
APFI20/3 DN200mm 2.5m~3m 220V 16Kv 100~1000/min