Mud Cooling System

What is Mud Cooling System

Mud cooling system is also referred to mud cooler It is very helpful for cooling down drilling mud and drilling tools during oil&gas exploration

Mud cooling system helps to protect drilling tools and transfer equipment. During well drilling, the heat generates from abrasion between drilling tools and ground, also the temperature of underground is higher than surface initially. Especially when we drill oil/gas well with a guidance continuous tool, we have to limit the temperature of fluid at a certain level for stable performance of the tool.

Mud cooling system
Aipu has developed high-automated mud cooler for a cooling mechanism that meets the distinct requirements of  hight temperature drilling. We know that elevated downhole temperature negatively impacts mud properties, hole cleaning, and critical downhole measurements and tool life while increasing overall mud costs and nonproductive time. Aipu mud cooler has been verified by practical operation at site with a satisfied effect. Mainly including below features and benefits.

Besides the water cooling proposal, we also propose the air cooling solution. For the heat exchange device, we use either plate type heat exchange or the pipe type heat exchange according to users' preference and the actual working condition. Please contact us for any interest or questions.
Mud cooler

Mud Cooler Technical Parameters
Model APBH-300
Flow rate 240m³/h
Fluid before cooled 45-100℃
Fluid after cooled 30-50℃
Fluid inlet a DN200 PN10
Fluid discharge b DN200 PN10
Cooling water inlet c DN200 PN10
Warm water discharge d DN200 PN10
*Note: You can tell us your special requirements or working condition, we'll customize the mud cooler for you.
High level automated
Skid, modular, or trailer mounted
Energy-save mode
High effectiveness
Flexible design
Optional temperature change and flow rate
Easy to operation
Easy to install
Environmental-protection friendly
Save time and increase value
More practical and capable for certain users
Safe and efficient process for certain projects