What is Mud Gun

2 inch and 3 inch size low and high pressure mud gun for option, mud gun length can be customized, fixed nozzle or rotating nozzle.

Mud Guns are designed for submerged service in mud pits and are popular in 2", 3". Besides, 4” is available against client request. They can be high pressure gun, or low pressure, high volume service such as in mud mixing systems employing centrifugal pumps.

All mud guns are equipped with handles and swivel joints as illustrated, permitting 360° rotation. Length should, in all instances, be specified when ordering.

Mud guns are usually used along with agitator. That means, almost every compartment on tank will request a mud gun. And there are bottom type mud gun, pivot type mud gun, and non spin type mud gun. For mud gun nozzle, there are 1 or 3 as options.

Mud Gun Spinner/Pivot type
The spinner/pivot type mud gun is designed for use in tanks when the utmost in constant agitation is desired. The nozzles are set at an angle and the pressure in the line imparts a spinning motion which is accommodated by a style 20 high pressure swivel joints. Furnished in any desired length as specified in order.
Mud Gun Bottom type
The bottom type mud gun is designed for use where large size metal tanks are employed as mud tanks. It is simple in construction, easy to install and easy to operate
Mud Gun Non spin type
The non spin type mud gun is designed for mixing large volume of muds in the top of the tank or pit and also for transferring mud from one tank to another tank. Non spin type mud gun can’t spin because centrifugal force is neutralized by the offset of the barrel of the gun. Perforated flanges and locking pins permit locking of gun in any position

Mud Gun Technical Parameters

Model Dia. Working Pressure Nozzle Rotation
NJQ50 50mm/2" 1.0~6.4Mpa 1~3 0~360°
NJQ80 80mm/3"

Features of AIPU Mud Gun

  • High quality national standard steel.
  • Discharge nozzles can be polyurethane and tungsten carbide alloy material.
  • Flexible on configuration of size and pressure rates.
  • Simple design and easy to operate.
  • High quality painting job per international standard.

How To Choose a Mud Gun?

  • Confirm do you need mud gun in which part or to achieve what function?
  • Make certain about the pressure we need during operation.
  • The mud tank or mud pit size to confirm proper length.
  • Nozzle numbers your prefer.
  • Rotation angle demand.
  • If any further customization on mud gun.