Mud Tank brief

A mud tank is an open-top container, typically made of square steel tube and steel plate, to store drilling fluid on a drilling rig.

Application: Various of drilling mud system. Any projects need to store water or fule.
Issues affecting its perfromance: Contained products, object quantity, ambient condition. Such as the temperature, why to hold up, for only storage or any procedure in solids control.Users' preference,etc. All tanks can be customized according to clients' requirement but won't affect practical function and performance.
Main structure: Usually, the tanks including main body, compartment, walk way, stairs, gurad rail, drain gate, man hole, fittings,etc.The pipelines for cable, etc.
Installation: Find out even ground for convenient handle and set up. Minimize the environment effect on tank performance. Put tanks in order according to practical demand based on our layout instruction. Please pay more attention on different tanks function and order as well as the seal and connection between tanks. Furthermore, Aipu will dispatch certain people to do commissioning and training
Legal operation: All tanks will be welded with lifting holes. The certain holes designed with sufficient reliability and balance. During practical operation they are safe please pay attention on lifting holes with mark. Do all the process according to warnings prevent any danger or trouble. Considering operators safety please all workers put on the safety cap make sure no fallings from tank.
Maintenance: The tanks made by Aipu adopted high quality national standard steel. Essentially assure the quality. Professional maintenance will lead tanks long life and good performance.We will do the sand blasting before painting very carefully. The paintings layers including 2-primary, 2-medium, 1-finish. Anyhow, please clean the tanks completely when stop operating it otherwise the drilling fluid will fill up and too hard to clean out. If we don't clean tanks fully the internal content may abrase tank wall since main mud are chemicals. It's very necessary to clean tanks deeply don't keep anything blocked at drain gates or valves. 
Warning: Mud tanks play important role during solids control system. If any leakage please inspect all pipe fittings, connections and drain gate at once. Find out the reason as early as possible and do related repairing. If we can't confirm the reason please contact Aipu freely we'll give you solutions at soonest.


Mud agitator is used in the surface mud tank to suspend solids and maintain a homogeneous mixture throughout the mud solids control system.

Jet mud mixer is a combination of centrifugal pump and mixing hopper with pipeline.

Manufacture 2'inch and 3' inch size low and high pressure mud gun for option. Mud gun fit for mud tank.