Shale Shaker Screen

What is Shale Shaker Screen

Shale shaker screen is the critical parts or spare parts for solids control system. It is screen panels fit on shale shakers. As shale shaker is the chief defense of solids removal during well drillings, screen quality will definitely affect shaker performance much.

AIPU is proud to say we’ve shared over 15 years experiences in screen manufacture. We are able to produce various kinds of replacement shaker screen for different makes and models shaker. Such as the Mongoose series, Meerkat series, MD series, ALS series, BEM series; the Cobra series, the LCM series, the VNM series, the VSM series, the KPT series, the 5000 series, and so on. The accurate cut point and great durability lead less cost on mud loss also screen consumption.

  • 1. The high-quality raw material of S.S304~S.S316L.
  • 2. High conductance and non-blanked area.
  • 3. Multiple layered configurations.
  • 4. Completely interchangeable with genuine shaker screens.
  • 5. Custom built service available.
  • 6. Cost-efficient with the best rate between price and quality.
  • 7. Shaker screen is sent to the US for API RP 13C compliance test. The only one supplier in China with API RP 13C compliance test report.
Shale Shaker Screen testing

Brand Model D100 Cut Point Microns API Number







… Even more
Mongoose, Meerkat, MD, BEM-6, BEM-3, ALS, 4X3, 2X6

VSM, VNM, National 285,LM 3,LCM 2D, D380, Cobra, 4x5

Polyweb, Hyper pool, FLC58, FLC500, FLC300, DP600, 48X30

KTL-48, KPT 28, KPT 26, KDX, KDDX



Vortex, Orbital Vortex

>780-925 API 20
>655-780 API 25
>550-655 API 30
>462.5-550 API 35
>390-462.5 API 40
>327.5-390 API 45
>275-327.5 API 50
>231-327.5 API 60
>196-231 API 70
>165-196 API 80
>137.5-165 API 100
>116.5-137.5 API 120
>98-116.5 API 140
>82.5-98 API 170
>69-82.5 API 200
>58-69 API 230
>49-58 API 270
>41.5-49 API 325
>35-41.5 API 400

More Brand and Models Shaker Screen Replacement

Besides listed screens, there are also many other models and makes of shaker screen. Such as the SCOMI, DFE shaker screens, and so on. Please be assured, Aipu will provide you all exact fit replacement screen. If your shaker screen is very special and rarely used, then just give us the specifications and we’ll build it accordingly to fit your shakers exactly.

Remark:All listed shaker screens are right fit replacement panels but not genuine ones. Furthermore, the M-I SWACO, NOV, DERRICK, KEMTRON, TRI-FLO, FSI, VORTEX, NATIONAL, FLC, MONGOOSE, etc. are the marks and reserved by original shaker screen manufacturer. All information is just as a reference.

How We Pack Shaker Screens Properly?

Packing shaker screens are based on certain shaker screen type. Cater for most customers’ demand we usually pack the framed screen at 1 panel per carton, while the hook strap ones will be 2 panels per carton. And almost screen panels will be packed with plywood pallets or boxes with bundle belt. Every package will be identified by package detail for convenient quantity re-check. Packages will be seaworthy and airworthy to avoid any damage or loss.

How To Select Shale Shaker Screen Replacement?

  • ► Refer to existing screen panels you hold. Tell Aipu the model number, mesh size you need now. If you are not end user, please make sure inquired ones are the right one requested by the user. At least, you can send us a picture if possible. If no clear demand, please tell us the working condition, such as drilling depth, mud property, and so on.
  • ► Confirm the potential supplier can provide high-quality shaker screens. The right fits dimension, high-quality picture, any feedback or user reference if possible. Ask them some professional questions to verify practical manufacture ability.
  • ► If necessary and time allowed, you can ask samples for test. Compare different screens supplied by different companies. Then select the optimal one for future procurement.
  • ► Go through shaker screen data provided by manufacturers, simply judge the screen quality and conformance on API.
  • ► Don’t select screens at the lowest price. You are very clear about the quality level affects much on shaker screen quality.