What is Shale Shaker

Shale shaker is used to separate drilling cuttings for first phase cleaning in a whole solids control system. Shale shaker are components of solids control equipment used in many industries, such as oil and gas drilling, coal bed methane( CBM ), horizontal directional drilling ( HDD ), diamond drilling, water drilling , etc ..

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Vibrator motors, shaker deck, shaker skid and electrical control panel are the main component for the shale shaker.

AIPU Hunter series shale shaker designed according advanced technology in the drilling industry. AIPU supply various options of shale shaker to meet unique client’s demand, single linear motion shaker, double deck shaker and dual motion shale shaker available for orders. For some model of shakers, AIPU supply both steel material screen and composite material screen for the option.

dual-deck Shale Shaker Hunter DD double deck shale shaker, with maximum mud flow capacity 200m³, 2 decks install 8 panels of shaker screen with total area 5.45m³. Hunter double deck shale shaker is well used in oil & gas drilling and mining on minimum footprint by are large volume.
Shale Shaker Hunter DM dual motion shale shaker with advanced technology and better to suit job site drilling conditions. Linear motion and elliptical motion both available on a same set of shakers. AIPU dual motion shaker is well employed in oil and gas drilling.
linear motion Shaker Hunter MG&D series linear motion shale shaker is the most popular option for a set of solids control system and cost effective. 3 panels and 4 panels of shaker screen both available.
Mini Shale Shaker Hunter Mini shale shaker is designed for HDD or diamond drilling to suit small volume application. 2 panels of shaker screen to reach mud flow capacity to 45m³at 40 mesh screen. Hunter mini shaker also is a good option for Desander, Desilter or Mud Cleaner bottom deck shaker for cost effective.

Technical Parameters

Model Hunter Mini Hunter-MG3 Hunter-D3 Hunter-MG4 Hunter-DD Hunter-DM
Vibration Mode Linear Motion Dual Motion
Vibrator Motor 2×0.75Kw 2×1.5Kw 2×1.72Kw 2×1.94Kw 2×1.72Kw
Max G Force 6.5G 7.0G 7.0G 7.0G / 8.0G 7.0G / 8.0G 7.0G
Max Capacity 60m³/h 110m³/h 120m³/h 140m³/h 200m³/h 140m³/h
Deck Angle +2°  -1 - +5°
Screen Area 1.35㎡ 2.04㎡ 2.27㎡ 2.73㎡ 5.45㎡ 2.73㎡
Screen Panel 2 3 3 4 8 4
Weir Height(mm) 710 735 835 735
Ex Mark Minimum ExdII Bt4
Dimension(mm) 2455×1670×1376 2455×1670×1376 2755×1650×1500 3040×1670×1376 3040×1670×1376
Weight(Kg) 980 1560 1650 1785 1980 1825

Features of AIPU Shale Shaker

  1. Italy brand motor, standard brand is OLI, Martin or Ital-Vibras motor as option.
  2. Max G force reaches to 7.5G, G force adjustable depending on drilling mud conditions.
  3. Heat treatment of shaker deck for steady working, Stainless Material for shaker deck bottom.
  4. Heavy anticorrosive painting on shaker service, 3 layer painting.
  5. Wedge type screen and hook strip screen both available to suit client requirement.
  6. Mechanical deck angle adjustment for steady and reliable performance.
  7. Standard options: IECEX, ATEX, UL, DGMS, CE, Gost.
  8. Top brand of electrical control panel, Siemens/Schneider brand main components.
  9. Composite material screen available for longer service life.
  10. Shaker screens have got to API RP 13C compliance test. The only one supplier in China with API RP 13C compliance test report.

How To Choose a Shale Shaker?

  • Mud flow: The figure listed on shaker specification is based on API 40 mesh shaker screens. Different mesh of shaker screen and muddy conditions will make shaker working in different mud flow and work performance. Don’t choose shaker only as it’s marked mark mud flow, you need to choose shaker based on muddy conditions and screen mesh.
  • G force: G force will affect shaker performance, suitable G force will help shaker get better performance. Don’t believe the higher G force, the better shaker is. Too high G force may break shaker deck with short shaker working life.
  • Shaker screen area: Drilling cuttings will be separated by a shaker screen. The screen area will affect shaker performance and mud flow. A larger shaker screen area will help shaker for higher mud flow or better separation performance.
  • Shaker screen performance: Mesh size correctness, effective screen area and screen quality is very important. AIPU build shaker screen as per API RP 13C regulation and tested AIPU screen with compliance test report.
  • Shaker deck strength: Shaker deck will be vibrating continuously. Deck strength is very important to guarantee shaker is better operational condition and longer working life. AIPU shaker deck chooses material Q345 and heat treatment for better strength.
  • Electrical standard: Different area may require different standard like IECEX, ATEX, UL, DGMS, etc. Before order any equipment, please confirm electrical standard.
If you want to know more information about shale shaker's details visit this website:http://www.solidscontrolshaker.com  or download our shaker book.